Cardinal Karamo Hewitt
Late in the year 2008 Ron "Karamo" Hewitt of Detroit's Shrine of  the Black Madonna called together a group of Detroit's Community Activists. The mission of the group was and is to find ways to retain and continue to control the empowerment and self determination Detroiters had fought for and built under the leadership of the Honorable Coleman A. Young.   The group consisted of concerned citizens, community organizations, church ministers, union leaders, educators and others.

It was decided by the organizers that the Unify Detroit Coalition (also known as U.D.C.) would be a not-for-profit, non partisan organization.

As the U.D.C. began to expand it was felt by the group that in our quest for a unified Detroit we would put aside any differences between us, historic or current.  We decided that we would embrace the often quoted axiom "We will agree to disagree without being
disagreeable". I am pleased to say that the U.D.C. has observed that principle in all of its deliberations.

We have recognized the need to bring other Detroiters throughout the city into the unifying process. Towards that end, the U.D.C. decided that our initial focus would be on (4) major issues often voiced by Detroit's citizenry: 

  • Insurance and other economic red lining in Detroit; 
  • Black-owned Business development and entrepreneurship for our young people; 
  • Highly focused effort for job creation in Health care, Green Energy and utilization of vacant land in Detroit; and
  • Seeking financial support for Black-owned TV, Radio and Print Media.

The group decided that it would hold "Community Summits" that would bring citizens from across the city to join us as participants in how the U.D.C. would continue in service to Detroit.  Our Statement of Purpose and Mission are only the beginning of what we confidently and lovingly present to our unfairly bespattered city.

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