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This month’s business research took me to House of Pure Vin. It is an amazing wine retail store located on Woodward in Downtown Detroit. It ‘s founders are three minority-owned business, that help started the resurrection of Woodward. Currently, it is owned by one of the founders (Regina). I recently made a trip to the House of Pure Vin and found it to be warm, helpful, and the prices are great. I am told that the room could hold up to 4,000 bottles of wine. I thought I was in an art show when I walked through the doors. Pure Vin has wine clubs, and wines from all over the world. Currently, I am in a wine class on Monday evenings. I am learning a lot. One of their sommeliers named Shelley is amazing. House of Pure Vin got their start by attending a small business incubator at Tech Town Detroit ‘s Retail Boot Camp. They were selected as a Book Camp Finalist. If you take a trip be sure to visit their Champagne world. If you are like me, I could drink champagne every day. I just need champagne money for 362 days of the year. House of Pure Vin is open Wednesday-Saturday’s. Add your name to their newsletter and let the world of wine open your world to a new adventure. Look at their website and take a trip to their business and support them with a purchase of a bottle of wine. Ask them about Black Girl Magic Wine. Here is a hint. There are two African American sisters in California doing their wine thing. You might want to join them on virtual Monday for a lesson on wine at 7:00 


House of Pure Vin
1433 Woodward Ave
Detroit MI 48226